Mission and Values

"The more we discover, the more we can do." Catherine Ivy

Funding leads to answers. And answers lead to hope.


The mission of the Ben and Catherine Ivy Foundation is to improve the quality of life and increase the life expectancy of people diagnosed with brain tumors.We fund promising research on gliomas in order to develop diagnostics and treatments that lead to long-term survival and a high quality of life for these patients.


The Ben and Catherine Ivy Foundation holds a strong set of values that clearly guides all funding decisions in order to fulfill our mission of helping patients with brain tumors.

We believe that creative and open-minded thinking will contribute to finding a cure for brain tumors.

We support the effective use of resources with an emphasis on avoiding duplication.

We consider the open sharing of all research results, not only “successes,” as the best way to advance the field.

We expect detailed communication about the use of funds and believe that research can demonstrate progress through careful and hands-on monitoring of measurable goals.

We seek out projects that are exceptionally developed with the purpose of serving patients and advancing brain cancer treatment.

We reach across disciplines and institutions as a way of including many different and varied perspectives and increasing synergistic efforts.

We uphold the highest standards and expect our grant recipients to do the same.

We look for ways to respond quickly and to utilize information as an opportunity to learn.