What are the objectives of the Ivy Foundation?

The mission of the Ben and Catherine Ivy Foundation is to improve the quality of life and increase the life expectancy of people diagnosed with brain tumors. We fund promising research on brain cancer in order to develop diagnostics and treatments that lead to long-term survival and a high quality of life for these patients.


What does the Ivy Foundation fund?

Our approach is to fund patient-focused research (PFR) in gliomas for improved diagnostics and treatments for patients. In PFR, the patient is kept at the center of research efforts and plays a key role in the brain cancer research.

We do not provide charitable donations for general operational support, fundraising events, conferences, publications, educational events or to individuals.


Does the Ivy Foundation provide support services to patients?

The Ivy Foundation does not provide support services to patients. For a list of organizations that provide support services, please contact the National Cancer Institute.


How can I apply for funding to the Ben & Catherine Ivy Foundation?

Request for Proposals posted on the website in January.


Does the Ivy Foundation accept unsolicited grant applications?

Request for Proposals posted on the website in January.


What is your process for reviewing grants?

All grants are anonymously reviewed by independent consultants and peers involving qualified individuals within the related field.

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